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Oars & Oarlocks

Oars and oarlocks, as well as canoe and kayak paddles, are the simplest method of propelling your boat through water. No motor is required, no expensive sail and rigging package needed, you simply need your oars, paddles and oarlocks. Rowing is the way most people get out to their moored boat, or into shore while cruising.

What are the different types of Oars?

Boat Paddles by Caviness, known as R Paddles, are economically priced and popular due to a palm grip, efficient paddling, and light weight. Available in various sizes from 2.5 to 6 feet. These boat paddles have a varnish finish and parallel shaft orientation. RD paddles by Caviness are a premium line with cross grain end lamination. Wedge insert, palm grip, and twin stripe design. The RD paddles are comparable in features to significantly more expensive paddles from other brands.

K Kayak paddles from Caviness feature strong aluminum shafts with plastic coating. Paddle Shaft extends deep into the blade for strength. Blades easily switch from in line (parallel) to 90 degrees with the push of a buton. These kayak paddles are available in 6 through 9 foot sizes, in 6 inch increments. BPS Synthetic paddles are an economical alternative to expensive wooden boat paddles, featuring a painted aluminum shaft and palm or t grip. Available in various sizes.

Boat Oars by Caviness include Basswood boat oars, which have been the most popular oars in the U.S. for over 30 years. They feature great balance, and are made from carefully chosen wood. Available in various sizes, in a varnish finish.The TRO boat oar is made from specially selected pieces of Northern Ash, which is extremely hard and durable. TRO Oars have a Urethane finish. Available in various sizes. The Caviness G boat oar is affordable and showcases a grey painted finish.

What are Oarlocks?

Oarlocks are the holders attached to the gunwale of a boat, holding oars in place and acting as a fulcrum for rowing. We carry a variety of oarlocks such as the Ribbed and Round Horn oar locks, available in bronze, galvanized, chrome, and zinc. All feature an endhole for safety chains. We also carry oarlock sockets in regular, side plate, and angle plate in bronze, chrome, cast finished, manganese, and zinc. Oarlock safety chains keep your oarlocks from going overboard. The chain attaches to an eye at the end of the horn shank, and a toggle drops through the socket. Sold in brass, by the pair. Oarlocks can be attached to aluminum boats, rowboats, and more.

What are Oar Leathers?

Oar leathers protect your oar shafts when using round oar locks. The buttons prevent the oar from slipping through the locks. Oar leathers are sold in pairs.

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