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Standing Rigging

Jamestown Distributors offers a wide selection of rigging hardware, tools and supplies. We carry products from the highest quality manufacturers of marine rigging hardware. A partial list of these brands: Suncor Stainless, Ronstan, Schaefer, Seadog, Wichard and others.

The selection of standing rigging hardware that we offer includes: Rigging Wire/Cable, Cable/Chain and Accessories, Thimbles, Cable Clamps, Turnbuckles, Crimping Tools, Chain Links, Safety Locking Wire, Galvanized Chain (Anchor Chain), and much more.

Wire, wire rope, cable, and cable clamps are used for rigging, stays, shrouds, steering controls, tiller cable applications, etc.

Shackles, Swivels, Thimbles, and Turnbuckles are used to attach wire, cable and/or chain to rigging, hulls, bows, etc. Available in galvanized steel, bronze, and stainless steel.

Inspection of your standing rigging should be performed regularly. Careful examination of your shrouds, stays and terminal fittings can help to prevent big problems. If you do find any questionable equipment (cracks, corrosion, rust, fishhooks, bent fittings, broken welds, etc.) - replace it immediately! Don't forget to check all cotter pins, cotter rings, clevis pins and be on the lookout for missing fasteners.

Lifeline Hardware

Jamestown Distributors carries a selection of do-it-yourself lifeline kits from Suncor Stainless along with all of the hardware components necessary to refit an entire system. We offer new lifeline wire, stanchions, stanchion bases, stanchion braces, pelican hooks, terminals and more. We carry lifeline parts from Suncor Stainless, Vetus, Schaefer and others.