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Paint Sprayers

Paint sprayers have the advantage of being able to apply more paint faster over a larger area compared to paint brushes or rollers. Sprayers apply paint evenly, and make painting uneven or difficult-to-reach areas much easier. Sprayers atomize paint, spraying it as a fine mist, and are perfect for situations where any brush or other paint tool marks must be avoided.

High volume low-pressure paint sprayers are lightweight, mobile, and are the choice of professional refinishers because of their ability to provide a finish of much higher quality than any paintbrush.

Turbinaire HVLP Bleeder Spray Gun
High Volume Low Pressure Spray gun kit, powered by a unique 3-stage, variable-speed turbine that supplies a consistent flow of air. Conventional high-pressure guns and sprayers blast the coating on to the surface at such high pressure that the coating gets over-atomized and literally bounces back from the surface, producing large amounts of waste, commonly called overspray. HVLP, on the other hand, is the use of High Volume, Low Pressure air for the purpose of spraying any liquid sprayable coating. By spraying at low pressure, the coating is never over-atomized and does not bounce back from the surface. By eliminating bounce-back and over atomization, HVLP guns and sprayers can virtually eliminate overspray.

The end results are substantial savings in material and operating costs, a cleaner, safer working environment, and a superior quality finish. Compressor-Powered HVLP guns are used with a standard air compressor. The internal diffusers in the gun convert the air from high pressure to low pressure air a rate of 10:1, reducing the atomizing air at the Air Cap to compliant levels by HVLP standards of less than 10 PSI.

In order to compensate for the low-pressure atomizing air, compressor-powered HVLP guns demand large amounts of air volume (CFM) from the compressor. Typically, a minimum of 10-15 CFM @ 60-90 PSI is required to achieve satisfactory results for fine finishing with a compressor-powered HVLP gun. At least a 5HP compressor is generally required to maintain that much air volume.

Turbine-Powered HVLP systems are powered by an electric turbine (available in 110V or 220V) that supplies a consistent flow of high volume, low-pressure atomizing air to the gun.

The turbine draws ambient air, which is then amplified through a series of stages in the turbine motor, and then supplied to the gun through the air hose included with the system.

Because the turbine is designed to supply high volume, low-pressure air, there is no "converting" such as with compressor powered HVLP guns. As a result, turbine-powered HVLP is often referred to as "True HVLP".

Woodstock Spray Guns
HVLP Spray Gun Kit, Shop-friendly heavy-duty paint spray guns.

Jamestown Distributors carries a wide variety of paint spraying equipment and accessories.