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Spray Paints

Aerosol spray paints are great for creating durable and professional quality finishes quickly. We carry spray paints specifically designed for use on metal, plastic, PVC, vinyl, resin, and other surfaces. We also carry spray lacquer and primers.

From general purpose aerosol paints, textured finishes, metallics, artist sprays, glass paints and more, Krylon is color. Krylon Fusion is the world's first no-prep superbond paint for plastic, With no sanding or priming, this product dries in 15 minutes or less. Fusion bonds easily to plastic, PVC, hard vinyl, resin and more creating a durable, professional-looking finish that won't chip, peel or fade.

More than a basic spray line, Krylon Contractor is a comprehensive program of specially formulated job specific spray paints designed for dependability and durability. Each product is formulated to deliver top-quality performance for every type of professional job.