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Boat and Marine Hose

Our marine hose section features exhaust, fuel, blower and sanitation hose available from companies like Rule, Lawrence and more. We can ship hose throughout the US and the world, to meet any marine application.

Marine Fuel Feed and Vent Hosesare reinforced with high strength synthetics to resist gasoline/alcohol permeation.

Marine Fuel Fill Hoseis a high nitrile tubing with flame resistant cover. This type of hose is designed to be used where fuel will be constantly or continuously in the tubing.

Hardwall Exhaust Hoseis wire-reinforced hose to be used for marine applications like engine intake, bilge tubing, toilets and holding tanks.

Outboard fuel line hoseis for outboard (only) engine applications, and can handle oil, gas, and alcohol fuels. This hose is very flexible.

Bilge Blower Hose to fit most bilge blowers. Available in 3 or 4 inch diamter. Blower hose is pvc hose with wire support/reinforcement.

Marine Sanitation Hose is heavy duty vinyl that does not absorb water and resists toilet chemicals and odor permeation. Double helix reinforcement. Used in the marine environment for potable water fill, draining, bilge etc.

Marine water hose tubing available in clear PVC Nylon-reinforced or clear plastic tubing. Tasteless, colorless and odorless, either type of water hose is accetable for potable applications.