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There are a number of different strainers used to help cool your boat's engine and filter out contaminants that are scooped up into your cooling / purifying systems. The main types of strainers are intake and scoop strainers, which help to absorb water into your cooling system as your boat moves, and filtering strainers, like raw water and inline strainers, which help to make sure seaweed, sand and other particles don't jam up your cooling system. From marine plumbing leaders like Groco, Buck-Algonquin, and ITT Jabsco.

Raw Water Strainers

Raw-water strainers are most often associated with the cooling systems of inboard engines. Every boat that brings aboard outside water to cool the engine, whether the raw water flows through the engine or through a heat exchanger, needs a strainer to prevent grass and other solids from reaching the pump.

Bronze Intake Strainers

High Speed Intake Strainer admits full water at all speeds. Burnished cast Bronze 2-piece unit with nut included.