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Product Details

Guest 2300A, 2303A, and 2304A heavy duty diesel battery switches are for use where high amperage is required, such as diesel engine starting applications. Alternator field circuit disconnect (AFD) interrupts the alternator field when switch is turned to "off" position, preventing electric surges in the armature circuit that may burn out alternator diodes. Heavy-duty copper contacts help to ensure positive circuit control, and the rugged polycarbonate case with built-in skirt protects the electrical connections. Panel or flush mount. All diesel switches measure 5-1/2" square and 3-1/2" high.

Cable lug size: 5/8"

Tech Specs
Item Number Description Continuous Amps Momentary Amps
GUS-2300A Battery Selector360600
GUS-2303A Heavy-Duty Battery On/Off450800
GUS-2304A Extra-Duty Battery On/Off6001000
Info & Guides

Warning: It is important that cold start amperage requirements of your engine do not exceed the rated capacity of the switch.

Technical Information

  • For 6, 12, 24 or 36 Volt systems
  • AFD allows selection of any position including "off", without damage to alternator or electrical system.
  • Updated color scheme and graphics make it easier to determine switch status.
  • Longer stud lengths for improved assembly and easier cable routing.
  • Ergonomically styled knob.
  • One year warranty