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Forespar ML-2 Combination Deck / Bow Light
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Reviews for Forespar ML-2 Combination Deck / Bow Light

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August 11, 2011

Works fine
By sailor from Caribbean

I replaced the bottom bulb with a 3 watt led. It lights up a good part of the foredeck, and the draw is so little I can leave it on when I go ashore.

September 18, 2011

top of unit gets knocked off regularly
By steve from New Jersey

I had the combo light installed on the mast for a 31' trimaran. The unit lasted 2 weeks before a flapping halyard took off the top lens. I've read other reviews where the same problem is mentioned. New lens can be had for $16 and $16 shipping. The light works well, and does have separate switching, but what good is it on a sailboat if it can't stand up? Forespar makes a "chafe guard" for $50 you can put over it to protect it from line damage. Wish I had known that first. I'll try wrapping the lens onto the housing with multiple layers of tape to see if that can get me through a season.

June 25, 2009

didn't cut it!
By Bayliner Bill from Newfoundland, Canada

The design promises a lot. I still don't understand how it can have separate switching.... After a few years on the sea the entire unit has siezed up. I had to soak the whole thing in WD-40 to get it open. In the upper unit, the O-Ring had broken and the inside became encrusted in salt. The reflecting foil is now scored and dull. Not sure if it can be salvaged.

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