Interlux InterProtect 2000E Barrier Coat Epoxy Primer

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Interlux InterProtect 2000E Primer barrier coat to prevent osmotic blistering of gelcoat

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Product Details

InterProtect 2000E is a two-part self priming epoxy designed to protect fiberglass boat hulls from water absorption and reduce the likelihood of gelcoat blisters.

Interlux's Micro-Plate formula creates an effective barrier against water permeation. 2000E may be used above and below the waterline as a universal primer for all surfaces. It is also an excellent primer for all metals and can be used as part of a no sand system.

2.25 Gallon containers do not include 2001E Cure. Each 2.25 Gallon container requires the separate purchase of one INT-Y2001EG

Tech Specs
Theoretical coverage (Sq feet)135 sq ft/gal by airless spray; 240 sq ft/gal by brush
Number of coats1 to 5
SubstratesAluminum, Fiberglass, Steel
Application MethodAirless Spray, Brush, Conventional Spray * Roller
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InterProtect Primer Features:

  • Two-part epoxy water barrier with Micro-Plates
  • Up to two weeks is allowed between coats of 2000E
  • Now available in two colors, Gray and White
  • Fast drying, easy application
  • Sag resistance to insure the elimination of sags and runs during application

    Technically, InterProtect Micro-Plates provide millions of overlapping microscopic plates that create a barrier similar to shingles on a roof. These overlapping Micro-Plates eliminate any direct path for water migration and also improve the sag resistance of the epoxy making application easier.

    What is Gelcoat Blistering?

    Osmosis is caused by a chemical reaction between water and unreacted substances remaining in the manufactured hull. Water breaches the exterior gelcoat and reacts with the chemical components creating acidic substances. These substances create pressure behind the gelcoat which causes blisters and eventually cracking. Once the gelcoat is breached in this manner, the underlying laminate is capable of absorbing water like a sponge.

    Use the Interlux InterProtect system to treat and help prevent this serious problem.

    This formula helps you calculate how much paint is necessary for wetted surface area (i.e. under antifoulant paint). Calculate surface area as follows: Wetted Surface Area (WSA) = LOA x Beam x 0.85, then divide the WSA by 60 when brushing/rollering or 45 when spraying to determine the number of gallons necessary to reach 10 mils. For complete hull coverage calculate total surface area to be covered, then follow the division step.

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