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MDR ReLead Lead Substitute Fuel Additive
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Relead Lead Substitute for gas engines
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MDR ReLead Lead Substitute Fuel Additive Customer Questions and Answers

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is this what I need for a 1966 283CI, 190 hp motor thats in my 1966 Caprice?

Asked on 12/25/2011 by Undisclosed

Top Answer

when i bought my boat in '87 the dealer told me it was designed to run on leaded gas, so i've been putting MDR Lead substitute in the tanks all this time and still have the origional engines.. your caprce was designed to run on leaded gas so i'm thinking the MDR will work for you..

Answered on 01/02/2012 by DOUGLAS TRACHT
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This will work for you 1966 Caprice. With this substitute with help protect older gasoline engines needing lead base fuel.

Answered on 12/27/2011 by BRIAN SZOKE
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What is the ounce/gallon ratio for this product for increase in octane and saqfe lead quantity?

Asked on 08/11/2013 by Joe Szucsik

Top Answer

1 ounce of ReLead treats 10 gallons of gasoline.

Answered on 08/15/2013 by Kevin V
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does this actually contain lead?

Asked on 01/28/2012 by Jim Young

Top Answer

This is a lead substitute. "MDR ReLead Lead Substitute Fuel Additive"

Answered on 01/30/2012 by Ryan L
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I have a '69 corvette which needs this lead substitute. Has anybody any opinion whether this product or any other is the best?

Asked on 09/01/2011 by Undisclosed

Top Answer

I purchased this product back in July to use on my twin 1972 marine crusader motors. This is the first time I used a lead substitute . The real lead additive is harder to come by. So far so good... I tend to run my motors hard and had no issues.

Answered on 09/01/2011 by BRIAN SZOKE
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