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Buck Algonquin Davis Style Oarlock and Socket
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Buck Algonquin Davis Style Oarlock and Socket
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Buck Algonquin Davis Style Oarlock and Socket Customer Questions and Answers

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Would these fit a Grumman Sport 15?

Asked on 05/27/2014 by Undisclosed

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Sorry I have no idea as the boat I'm building is interpeted from a book written in the 30's and I don't really have any knowledge of the boat you describe unfortunatly the oarlocks I received were crudely cast and not the smooth finish pictured which was disappointing as I'm trying to make something special but other than that no dramas good luck

Answered on 05/27/2014 by MAL CRAIN
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Yes, they would be appropriate horn size for oars that would fit a sport boat. Additionally, these are true to the original pattern so that when the boat is overturned the locks won't fall out. Some of the newer stainless steel "Davis" models with a round ball at the end of the oar lock shaft will fall right out and are essentially useless. These BA galvanized ones should serve well, don't forget to keep the lubricated. To be perfectly honest, I returned my purchase and continued the search for bronze original Davis oarlocks and finally found what I needed used.

Answered on 05/27/2014 by WILLIAM OWENS
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