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Brownell sailboat stands are safe, easy and effective stabilizers for boats resting on blocks out of water. Angled centerline tubes with adjustable screw tops are ideal for securely supporting rounded sailboat hulls.

Note: The weight of the boat must rest on blocks placed under the keel before stands are installed. For powerboats, use motorboat stands with straight centerline tubes instead.

Note: While we stock some Brownell stands, all models and sizes are available for drop ship from the manufacturer. Any Out Of Stock message means your order will drop ship directly.

Info & Guides
Brownell Boat Stand Selection Guide
Choosing The Right Stand For Your Boat

Type: The correct type of boat stand (sailboat vs. motorboat) is determined by the angle between the hull and the stands center pipe. The threaded rod from the top that enters the stands center pipe should do so at approximately a 90 deg angle to the boats hull. For example, a motor boat with a deep vee bow would use a pair of sailboat stands at the bow, with motor boat stands at the stern.

Size: To determine the proper Brownell Boat Stands to use, you first must realize the boat stands are to stabilize your boat and the keel blocking supports the boats weight. A simple method would be to take the draft of the boat (in inches), add the height of the blocking pile, and subtract about six inches. Base your decision on keeping a minimum amount of thread exposed on the top.

Number Required: A minimum of four boat stands should be used with powerboats and a minimum of five boat stands should be used with sailboats. One exception: a full keel sailboat may not require a bow stand. Use a pair of boat stands, one placed port and one placed starboard, for approximately each 8 feet of the boat's length. If you are going to be stored in an extremely windy area or leaving a sailboat mast stepped, extra boat stands should be used in addition to our minimum requirements.

Liability: Because the performance and safety of boat stands is dependent on the way they are used, the manufacturer assumes no liability beyond the purchase price of the boat stands.

How to Use
Port/Starboard Sides: When ready to use Brownell Boat Stands you must choose an area to store the boat that offers hard, stable ground to prevent the sinking of keel blocking and boat stands. Boat stands should be placed outboard on the hull for stability. The boat stand tops should have minimum thread exposed with the threaded rod placed as close to per pendicular as possible to the hull. To guarantee the threaded rod being close to perpendicular, the boat stand base rear legs are placed so they are parallel with the waterline. The boat stand is placed square to the hull (not twisted fore or aft) with the boat stand top on the flat of the hull for stability.

Bow and/or Stern: Most sailboats require a bow stand with a Vee top to prevent the bow from dropping forward. The exception to the rule might be a full keel sailboat that is not "bow heavy". Any excessive overhang in the stern requires two additional boat stands port and starboard on the after portion of the boat.

Safety Chains: When using safety chain for sailboat stands, the port (or starboard whichever comes first) boat stand is placed in position with the boat stand top snug against the hull. A 3/16" chain is placed in the safety chain notch of this boat stand and the chain is passed athwartship either before, after or under the keel to the starboard, or opposite boat stand chain notch. The starboard boat stand is placed in its approximate position but not snugged tight against the hull at-first; the chain is pulled tight and placed in the starboard Boat stand chain notch. Once snug in the chain notch, pull the starboard boat stand outboard until the chain is snug. Tighten the boat stand top, making sure the rear legs of both boat stands are parallel to the hull. Use safety chains and repeat this procedure for all side sailboat stands to prevent the boat stands from sliding up a boat's hull.

Keel Blocking: We always recommend a minimum of 2 blocking piles placed on hard, stable ground to carry the boat's weight. Each blocking pile consists of 3 blocks, i.e. two base blocks facing fore and aft running parallel to each other, and one block placed across the two base blocks for the keel to rest on. This method has proven to reduce sinking of the blocks. For each blocking pile we suggest 2 of our B-8 (8"x8"x22") pine blocks for the base blocks and 1 of our B-6 (6"x6"x22") pine plocks placed across the base blocks. Higher or lower blocking piles can be used depending on how the boat drains, however, the lower to the ground, the better. More blocking piles should be added as necessary depending on the condition and length of the keel

Maintenance: Boat stands and blocks should be checked on a regular basis while your boat is being stored. Make sure the boat stands are snug against the hull and the keel blocks are supporting the keel and not sinking into the ground. Also check the blocks for rotting or splitting. Do not tie tarps to the Boat Stands. During windy conditions, check more frequently for proper boat shoring and security of our boat stands while they are stabilizing your boat. When not in use, we recommend lubricating the threaded rod section of our Tops (WD40 or axle grease may be used) and storing in a cool dry place. Our nestable and stackable boat stand bases should be kept painted with rust preventative paint. Moisture and salt creep up from the ground and corrosion may start from the boat stand base bottom up. Replace any badly rusted boat stands or rotted blocks, safety is jeopardized.

Technical Information

  • Select 3/16 inch chain for use as safety chain on sailboats.
  • Minimum of 4 boat stands per boat, spaced no more than 8 feet apart fore and aft
  • Boat must be supported on block piles under keel, using stands for balance only
  • A selection of stand sizes are available

Reviews for Brownell Boat Stands For Sailboats

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June 17, 2016

Worked like they were supposed to!
By jmconnollyus from San Antonio, TX

Verified Purchase

I bought these thinking I would put my 22' sailboat on them, paint the bottom and the centerboard. I actually bought a size too large -- I couldn't lower the centerboard because I used the trunk to support the boat in addition to the stands. Once I got the boat off the trailer and onto the stands -- which took a full morning given that I had to raise the boat almost 2 feet -- everything worked great. I was able to get into the cockpit and cabin safely without any scary creeks or cracks. Would definitely recommend!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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October 14, 2010

great product,
By noemar from New bedford,MA

A great product i have been using them for years. Bought new as replacement for some that were over 20 years old.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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May 21, 2008

The Brownell stands are the way to go
By Joe Blow from Out there

The Brownell stands are well made and provide very good support for my boat. They are easy to use and need minimal service. Grease the screws from time to time and you are all set. Don't forget to chain them together for safety.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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