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Moeller Below Deck Permanent Fuel Tank
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Reviews for Moeller Below Deck Permanent Fuel Tank

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April 20, 2015

By Wild Wayne from New Orleans, LA

Verified Purchase

Overall great experience with your company, I really appreciate the fact that you checked to make sure that I was the purchaser, since my address was different from the shipping address. That makes me feel secure dealing with your company. Will definitely purchase other items from you.

August 21, 2014

Nice gas chamber, really like it
By PETER LV2BASS from Baltimore, Md

Verified Purchase

Just make sure you measure as you are going to install. This tank will not flex so it is important to take good measurements. Second , the fill spout, which is the highest piece adds about 4" to high, so consider such, and also you will need enough space to add the fill hose.

August 2, 2014

Better then expected
By Lv2bass from Chesapeake Bay,. Maryland

I bought this 13 gallon unit, and the only thing I wish it had was indentions to accept stainless steel tie down clips instead of only using nylon straps. Just my personal preference. They make different sizes for any application. Very nicely made product, which I am sure will outlast the boat. Not really for its going to be installed into a 1956 Crestliner Voyager Hardtop.

March 27, 2014

Love Tank - Despise Draw Tube (Easy Fix)
By Tigger from Stockwell, IN

Verified Purchase

Draw tubes in Moeller fuel tanks do not go all the way to bottom of the fuel tanks. Was told be Moeller that it is the industry standard to keep draw tubes 1" from the bottom of the tank so sediment is not pulled into engine. Consequently, this does not allow for full use of fuel tanks capacity. Easy fix - I purchased a MOE-033100-12 POP LOCK 12" Fuel Pick-up Assembly ($18), heated up the plastic draw tube, and then bent it into a gentle 90 degree elbow. Reformed draw tube slipped easily into fuel tank and now draws to within 1/16" of the bottom. One side note: the new draw tube does not have a strainer on it. So I installed an in-line fuel filter near the fuel tank as a preventative measure and to protect the engine fuel pump filter (easier to change in-line filter).

May 22, 2015

Works Great
By Wild Wayne from New Orleans, LA

Verified Purchase

The install went off without a hitch. love the new tank.

August 5, 2014

As advertised
By Warbird28 from Punta Gorda, FL

Verified Purchase

Installed under a bench seat in my 20 year old boat to replace rotted original alum tank. Did not want to cut the deck to replace orig tank so retrofit this tank instead. Pretty straight forward install-replumbed nicely-tank rugged & will probably last longer than the boat.

July 22, 2008

Quality equipment
By Lou2 from Annapolis, MD

The Moeller line of fuel tanks are excellent replacements for old galvanized or fiberglass tanks. Everybody should know by now the problems that E-10 gas can cause. Replacing an old tank would be good preventative medicine.

June 3, 2014

Watch the measurements carefully
By Wes from Tampa Fl

A word of caution regarding the dimensions, they do not include the fill fittings. I bought the 13 gallon MOE-032513 which was listed at 32.50 x 10.19 x 10.19. The physical tank itself is exactly those dimensions but the fill neck extends straight up another 3.5 inches so you'll need a minimum of 14 inches height to get the tank under the deck. You'll need more if you need to radius the fill hose to go a direction besides up.

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