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Midland Metal

Midland Metal Mfg Male Hose/Barb Pipe Adapters

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Midland Metal Mfg Male Hose/Barb Pipe Adapters
Product Details

White nylon, barbed hose fittings with threaded end. FDA approved for use in potable water applications.

Tech Specs
Part Number Hose ID to MIP
MLM-33004W1/4'' ID x 1/8'' MIP
MLM-33005W1/4'' ID x 1/4'' MIP
MLM-33006W1/4'' ID x 3/8'' MIP
MLM-33007W1/4'' ID x 1/2'' MIP
MLM-33008W1/4'' ID x 3/4'' MIP
MLM-33010W5/16'' ID x 3/8'' MIP
MLM-33011W3/8'' ID x 1/8'' MIP
MLM-33012W3/8'' ID x 1/4'' MIP
MLM-33013W3/8'' ID x 3/8'' MIP
MLM-33014W3/8'' ID x 1/2'' MIP
MLM-33026W3/8'' ID x 3/4'' MIP
MLM-33015W1/2'' ID x 1/4'' MIP
MLM-33016W1/2'' ID x 3/8'' MIP
MLM-33017W1/2'' ID x 1/2'' MIP
MLM-33018W1/2'' ID x 3/4'' MIP
MLM-33019W5/8'' ID x 3/8'' MIP
MLM-33020W5/8'' ID x 1/2'' MIP
MLM-33021W5/8'' ID x 3/4'' MIP
MLM-33022W3/4'' ID x 1/2'' MIP
MLM-33023W3/4'' ID x 3/4'' MIP
MLM-33024W1'' ID x 3/4'' MIP
MLM-33025W1'' ID x 1'' MIP
MLM-33029W1'' ID x 1-1/4'' MIP
MLM-33028W1-1/4'' ID x 1'' MIP
MLM-33030W1-1/4'' ID x 1-1/4'' MIP
MLM-33032W1-1/2'' ID x 1-1/4'' MIP
MLM-33033W1-1/2'' ID x 1-1/2'' MIP