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Amazon Strip Away
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Amazon Strip Away paint and varnish stripper
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Unknowingly I used teak oil that was thick in nature and it never dried thus leaving a sticky surface on my teak boat platform. I tried your Teak Cleaner but there is still residue in several areas. Is Strip Away safe for teak wood surfaces? Thank you.

Asked on 10/08/2015 by Nancy Lavallee

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Thank you Rick - I will order online

Answered on 10/09/2015 by Nancy Lavallee
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Yes, that should work.

Answered on 10/09/2015 by Rick White
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How soon after applying Strip Away can you apply the teak oil? Since I have a problem leaving various improve or repair-type liquid (or gel, or oil.... ) products on the teak item too long, I needed some TIME specifications!!

Asked on 07/19/2017 by Christine from Marietta, GA

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After you get the teak clean, rinse well with water and let dry completely before apply a finish.

Answered on 10/11/2017 by JD Tech Team
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On 10/7/2015, Nancy Lavallee asked a question about applying teak oil to a surface on her boat. The result was a sticky surface. The same thing happened to me. I applied teak oil to a large, indoor teak tabletop, and the result was slightly sticky and tacky. It looked and felt like it was varnished.... like glass! That's not what indoor teak should look like. I could not see your answer to Nancy (above), I just saw her response to you. Could you send me what your answer to her was, or just send me your answer? Thanks!!

Asked on 07/17/2017 by Christine from Marietta, Georgia

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I answered that the Amazon Strip Away should remove the teak oil. Clean well with water, let dry sand and finish with a product that gives the appearance you are looking for.

Answered on 10/02/2017 by JD Tech Team
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What will happen if this product come in contact with Awlgrip?

Asked on 03/30/2014 by Jason B.

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Not sure about the strippers affect on Awlgrip as I haven't used it in that application. I have used to strip a Sikkens finish on the teak surfaces on the interior and exterior of my 1987 36' Jersey Dawn and found it to have little or no affect on adjacent surfaces. Also, when used on the interior, there is no appreciable smell and cleanup is very easy. Not as strong as other strippers on the market, but for a controlled environment, tight quarters, or sensitive surroundings, it's the best product I've found so far. Good luck with your projects.

Answered on 03/31/2014 by JASON MACKO
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