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Interlux Epoxy Primekote
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Reviews for Interlux Epoxy Primekote

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August 30, 2020

Sands great
By Old Geezer from North Carolina

Verified Purchase

I wish the viscosity of the base in the can was a little lower so you could pour it more easily. Even after power mixing. Sprays great, sands wonderfully.

May 4, 2017

By Rooster Sailboats from Conroe, TX

I read, re-read and read again just about every review on the internet about this stuff. I made notes and charts about mixing ratios, application name it. PREPARATION PAYS OFF WITH THIS! This was applied over 2 coats of CPES which is what Primekote was designed to be applied over, before applying Brightside. After CAREFULLY mixing the base and then the reactor and letting it go through its :20 minute induction, I thinned 25% with 2333N, per the instructions. It rolled on just beautifully. Very easy to apply with good coverage. I mixed up my first batch (about 1/2 quart) and proceeded to cut-in and paint. The entire job (on a 10' sailing dinghy) took right at about 1:15 minutes. By the time I finished, the first half of the boat was almost dry to the touch (at 80F/55% humidity). You MUST use a respirator with organic charcoal filters!!! The reactor component smells really weird, like rotting meat. When I opened the can, there was a weird slime around the rim of the can, as well as a chunk of what looked like something moldy. I had read something similar in another post, so I proceeded to mix anyway and then waited. Everything dried just fine and what was most surprising was that after an overnight cure, it sanded SO EASILY! It was almost like sanding chalk. The dust was a very fine powder that I had to continuously sweep away. After sanding the first coat, I swept, vacuumed and tacked off the boat and then gave it a quick wipe down with acetone. I taped off the boat and applied the second coat, which went on just as smoothly. My next step will be a few coats of Prekote (I had some extra). This will help cover some dimples where I have nails that I puttied over, and then finish up with a few coats of Brightside. I was very nervous, based on some reviews I had read, but went ahead anyway. This was very good stuff to use, and I would not hesitate to use it again.

June 2, 2016

Easy to apply with the right roller
By Mayhem13 from Raritan Bay N.J.

Verified Purchase

Used Wizz black foam rollers and was able to achieve a really smooth finish with minimal bubbles and near zero lap marks. Sands to a smooth finish ready for top coat with minimal effort. You have to follow the directions though and focus on the standing time and thinning procedure before application.

September 16, 2012

Read Directions + Effort = Great Results
By mjf4ster from Lockport, NY

I did much reading and spoke to a couple folks at marine stores before buying. I also found a couple YouTube videos on Interlux products before selecting Epoxy Primekote to go over old gel-coat. The research was a wise investment as the results so far are great. I have some experience with autmotove paint systems and expected more spot filling. I misted a shadow coat of dark sandable primer over my first coat of Epoxy. I'm block sanding with 220 and I'm finding that this primer - even thinned 25% - filled in so many small imperfections that I believe my second coat will be the last. It does sand harder than automotove primer, but it is an epoxy so that's to be expected. That same toughness will help you from sanding through edges. Use lots of water when sanding - it really helps. I intend to cover with 2-part urethane.

April 25, 2010

Excellent product
By ET from Saint Johns, Florida

Great product. All paints and primers are messy and virtually all to some degree will have an odor. As someone who has painted hundreds of cars and many boats I can say that it doesn't make sense to list strong smell as a con ( I have read this on reviews by others). This is rated for above or below water line which makes it great for all applications. It;s also very sandable and can be used for leveling as well as barrier coating.

October 12, 2009

Great Stuff!
By Capt. Chuck from Duxbury, MA

Used on a 13'Boston Whaler along with Perfection Paint. The results were terrific! IF using the roller and brush tip method be sure to thin using 2333N with a 25% mixture. If you dont,it'll be too thick and not flow well leaving brush marks. Other wise, just follow the instructions, it's a fairly easy product to use and to get terrific results with! (Add thinner after letting the mixture sit for 20 minutes just before application!)

June 27, 2009

excellent primer
By first time boat builder from edna, tx

i used this primer on my scooter boat that i built from scratch. it was glassed with epoxy resin and this primer was great for the amine blush. it stuck GREAT!!! it is very messy though. hard to clean up.

April 14, 2009

Great stuff!
By DanoND from Bismarck, ND

Went on really well with a brush, but it has to be thinned. I found conflicting instructions online. Doesn't run too badly, covers the square footage they claim. The smell is awful. Wear a mask and/or have a good breeze going!

May 25, 2015

By yachtsmanbill from two rivers, wi.

Verified Purchase

Did two coats on FB, pilothouse roof and cabin top on a 36' Roamer Riviera. Il said to sand with 220 and that was FOREVER. Went with 150 to getter done. Took almost 2 quarts for good coverage.

March 27, 2015

Great product, but a few steps
By Relay8039 from New Orleans, LA

Verified Purchase

Please be sure you have leveled the surface. This is a final step and goes on thin so is not a filling epoxy coat. You should put on first coat with a roller. Do not press too hard with the roller. Use a foam brush to get the tight areas first then Start rolling with a gap where you have previously painted and then blend back into the previous area. A separate clean foam brush is used to drag along the top of the rolled area to tip off the area. I found a brush, all brushes just leave too many brush marks that do not float out and need to be sanded. One more thing Plan on at least two coats. The primer is a bit transparent and any filler clearly shows thru even after two coats. I am expecting extra coats of perfection may be needed to overcoat. Most LPU paints should bond well to any sanded Epoxy surface as long as the Amine blush is gone. the Amine free epoxies are better but I would treat them the same, just in case the humidity rose during curing. Better safe than sorry. I would rather find problems with the PrimeKote than later with the Perfection surface. I used two coats of primer then used a guide coat and saw waves in the boats surface after long boarding. Filled and sanded again and had to re apply two more coats of primer. I would suggest using a thicker barrier coat, or epoxy with the use of a guide coat before the final prime. Now the bottom and freeboard is right. The waves were about 3 inches crest to crest. they were about 20 mils deep. A little too much for the PrimKote product. Used the 3m filler because it is what I had and it sanded out well. The WaterTight stuff is the same if not better. It has a little longer working time. Again the filler material shows thru the primer.

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