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Caviness BW-SU Series Oars

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Caviness BW-SU Series Oars
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Product Details

Caviness BW-SU Series laminated southern hardwood oars. Strong, yet lightweight and durable, BWSU series oars feature Red Power foam grips, a wedge insert to protect the blade from splitting and cracking, and durable Tri-Coat clear wood finish. All Caviness wood oars are constructed from select woods and shaped for balance. Sold individually, so be sure to set quantity for 2 if you desire a pair. Great value compared to high end oars.

Info & Guides

Quick Oar Length Estimate: Take half (1/2) the distance between the oar locks and multiply by 3, then add 6 inches.

Technical Information

  • Length: 5 feet through 7-1/2 feet in 6 inch increments
  • Approximate Blade Dimensions: 5" x 21" (6 feet)
  • Shaft Dimensions At Grip: 1-3/4", At Throat: 1-5/8"
  • Approximate Weight: 43 oz. (6 feet)
  • Standard Features: Wedge Insert, Red Caviness Power Grip, Tri-Coat Finish

Reviews for Caviness BW-SU Series Oars

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July 24, 2009

Caviness = junk
By Caviness NEVER! from Houston, Texas

I recently completed building a small boat and needed a pair of oars to row it with. Being that the boat turned out better then expected I choose to get a good set of oars from Jamestown verse my local [...]t. I checked out your Caviness oars. I read the reviews about the poor quality of the Basswood oars and decided that the BW-SU series was of a higher quality and more fitting to top of all the hard work I had put into my boat. So paying the premium was not a problem. When I received the package I was very much taken back! First upon opening it I found only one oar. I didn't think I order a paddle; I ordered oars for my boat. Well after checking the catalog, I found out that that was my mistake. But I have to question, wouldn't a reasonable person always thinks of oars as a pair, not one oar? Who in their right mind would want to row in a circle? As I said, my mistake, shame on me. (But I do have a suggestion, you might want to reword the ad or include a highlighted note that the item is not a set.)My second reaction to the oar was it looked great. That was until I picked it up. The finish on the shaft was courser then a piece of 80-grit sandpaper. Than the selection of the wood itself wasn't what I would expect for a "Top of the Line" product. (You may want to read some of the reviews and decide whether you want to continue to carry a line of products from a company that obviously has no quality control and produces such poor quality products.)As for me, I would send the oar back if it didn't cost so much. But I will probably just hang it up in the garage as a reminder of this matter. I have purchased other items, mainly materials, from Jamestown in the past and have been very satisfied with them. But if this is an example of a first class quality product that I am purchasing for looks, I will be very hesitant to do so over the web again.I do hope that you drop the Caviness line and save some other customers from the frustration that others and I have gone through when purchasing their products!FU: I sent this letter to both Jamestown & Caviness and receive no reply.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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