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Forstner Bits Customer Questions and Answers

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Most forstner bits claim a "flat bottom hole", but the spur in the center leaves a giant divot in the center of that "flat" bottom. Am I correct that these bits actually leave a flat bottom, without any divot in the center? Is there a different name for this "forstner bit without a spur"? Thanks!

Asked on 05/03/2015 by David Doria

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I contacted the WLFuller company from where these bits come. First, the Tech guy said they still leave a little divot. And second, he said the company that makes these went out of business awhile ago and they have only a very few sizes and quantities left.

Answered on 04/13/2016 by Bill M
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Yes, there is no center spur and it leaves a perfectly flat bottomed hole. It's guided by the rim and made in the good old USA.

Answered on 05/04/2015 by RICHARD MCCURDY


This bit leaves a small divot in the center, large enough that you would have to fill it in if you wanted to leave it exposed.

Answered on 05/17/2015 by ROBB WARE


This bit supposedly leaves a flat bottom, however, I have not been able to find one. I purchased this bit from this website in September, and have still not received the bit or my money back. At first I was told that there was a 3 month delay on this bit, but then they said it is no longer in production. Please let me know if you find a reliable supplier. Thanks, chris

Answered on 05/03/2015 by CHRISTOPHER STEINRUECK
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