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April 15, 2018

Great product. Worth the somewhat higher cost.
By Mickfly from South carolina

I have used nearly six gallons of the practice on my 20 ft cold mold project. EASY to measure and mix and fairly forgiving for slight discrepancy on volume. Also fairly forgiving pot life. However I can measure out several small batches and leave them un-mixed until I need the gel stays separate on the mixing plates that I use. This morning I glued several planks to my project...having done all my measuring in advance! It costs about 40 dollars more per gallon but since I don't have to mess with thickeners...and it's easy to's worth it.

July 23, 2017

Excellent slow cure epoxy adhesive
By Jeffry from Mobile, Alabama

I have been using Gel Magic for years with excellent results in my furniture making. I much prefer the slow cure version for joint assembly because it gives me sufficient time for application, joint assembly, and adjustment. It also doesn't run (very much) on vertical applications. Face it, any joint will have vertical faces at some time during the process and Gel Magic pretty well eliminates the runs. Never any problems. Mixing does not seem to be too critical. I use a small mixing cup with graduations on the side. I use a black marker to mark the hardener amount and then the resin amount on the side of the cup and simply squeeze the stuff in from the bottles, approximately to the lines. I am not sure what the specs say but I leave the joint clamped overnight. I do an impromptu test on the remaining glue in the mixing cup with my thumbnail before unclamping. It is hard within 12 - 24 hours and I remove the clamps. Oh, epoxy does not require large clamp pressures. I don't know what happened with the Gentleman who had a bad experience but I never have after years of use.

October 17, 2019

Good adhesive
By Birdman from Xenia, Oh

Both the resin & hardener are rather thick making it hard to mix by volume. I mix by weight (2.5:1 ratio) and get along just fine. The product is advertised as non-sagging. It has been my experience that it does sag on a vertical surface. Otherwise, it works great.

February 11, 2017

The worst
By JT from Massachusetts

This is the worst System Three product I have ever used in the 10 years in the 10 years I have been using their products, which up until now I have found superior. Gel Magic is near impossible to mix in the proper proportions due to the differences in viscosity between the resin and the hardener. The resin being so thick it will not pour, and the hardener being too thin to spoon. It also takes days to harden and does not provide a strong bond whe it finally does. Stay away from this stuff and stick with the traditional expound and thickeners.

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