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Product Details

Taco Metals Aluminum Rub Rails are designed for easy tight radius bending as well as providing strength and protection. Anodized finish to protect against the harsh marine environment. 5-year warranty.

*Insert not included.

Sold in 12 ft. lengths. Motor freight shipping applies.

Tech Specs
Item Number Height (inches) Width (inches) Finish Screw size *Insert
TAC-A110342BLY12D15/16"1/2"Brite Anodized#8V120342
TAC-A110347BLY12D1-1/8"5/8"Brite Anodized#8V120347
TAC-A110317TAL12D1-1/4"1/2"Polished Clear Anodized#8V120317
TAC-A110312TAL12D1-1/2"5/8"Polished Clear Anodized#6V122207, V120303
TAC-A110638TAL12D1-1/2"5/8"Polished Clear Anodized#8V124144, V120338
TAC-A120303BLY12D1-5/16"7/8"Brite Anodized#10V120303
TAC-A120305BLY12D1-3/8"15/16"Brite Anodized#10V120303