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Product Details

Danforth Anchor Chains attach between the anchor rode and the anchor to promote safe anchoring. Anchor lead chain helps keep anchor shank low and allow flukes to further penetrate into the sea bottom. Using an anchor lead chain also guards against line chafe.

Part numbers TIE-95131, TIE-95132, and TIE-95133 have an over-sized link on one end. Chains are available galvanized, vinyl coated and polymer coated. A variety of sizes, lengths and working loads are available.

Tech Specs
Item NumberChain Size (inch)Length (feet)Working Load (lbs.)FinishExtended link
TIE-951053/16"3'750#Vinyl Coated-
TIE-951101/4"6'1250#Vinyl Coated-
TIE-951203/8"6'2650#Vinyl Coated-
TIE-952215/16"6'1900#Polymer Coated-