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Product Details

Upgrade the appearance of any dash with Faria Dress White Gauges. These classic looking instruments feature include perimeter-lighted white dials, bold black graphics, a white aluminum bezel and flat glass lens.

Tech Specs
Item #SizeDescription
FAR 331124"Speedometer, 55 MPH
FAR 331134"Speedometer, 80 MPH
FAR 331034"Tachometer, 6000 gas inboard & I/O engines
FAR 331044"Tachometer 7000 universal-all outboards
FAR 331324"Tach/Hourmeter, 6000 gas inboard
FAR 331504"Tachometer w/ system check, 7000 RPM
FAR 331054"Synchronizers, dual engines
FAR 131132"Cyl. Head Temp, 60-220 F w/ sender
FAR 131012"Fuel Level Gauge
FAR 131212"Hourmeter, 10,000 hours 12-32 volt DC
FAR 131022"Oil Pressure Gauge, 80 PSI
FAR 131222"Trim Gauge, Mervury, Mariner, Mercruiser, Volvo, DP, & Yamaha '01 &newer
FAR 131202"Voltmeter, 10-16 volt DC
FAR 131082"Water Pressure Gauge Kit, 30 PSI
FAR 131102"Water Temp Gauge, 100-250 F
FAR 90401-Temperature Sending Unit 1/8"