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Fireboy MA2 Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems offer heat triggered automatic discharge for normally unoccupied spaces such as engine rooms, with optional manual discharge activation from the helm. MA2 systems use HFC-227ea agent (Heptafluoropropane) approved for use worldwide including Europe.

Each system features a heat-activated trigger that automatically discharges the clean agent HFC-227ea (Heptafluoropropane) at 175-degrees F (79-degrees C). This clean agent does not damage engines and associated components, unlike water would. These systems release the extinguishing agent and address the problem much faster than any possible crew response, resulting in a faster fire-out time and less damage.

NOTE: All items ship direct from the manufacturer and have a 5-7 day lead time.

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These systems monitor engine rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MA2 systems are designed to flood the engine compartment with extinguishing agents in 10 seconds or less, completely smothering the fire before it gets out of control. Each system features a 3 year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Agent - HFC-227ea fire extinguishant

HFC-227ea (Heptafluoropropane) is approved for occupied spaces and is also approved for use in Europe.

A clean, gaseous agent containing no particles or oily residues. It is produced under ISO 9002 guidelines to strict manufacturing specifications ensuring product purity.

HFC-227ea fire extinguishant leaves no residue or oily deposits on delicate electronic equipment, and can be removed from the protected space by ventilation.

Fireboy MA2 Discharge Systems come complete with stainless steel mounting hardware, system status light indicator, and owner's manual. Installation is not incredibly labor-intensive, and requires no special tools.

Technical Information

Features of the MA2 System:

  • Protects vessels with engine rooms up to 1500 cubic feet
  • Total flooding system
  • On board, on guard, 24 hours a day, the safest way to combat an engine room fire
  • Automatic discharge at 175°F (79°C) with optional manual release cable (sold separately, see Optional Fire Extinguisher Accessories)
  • HFC-227ea is effective Halon replacement clean agent
  • No water or powdery residue
  • Each system includes stainless steel mounting brackets, 2" round system status indicator light, and owner's manual / installation instructions
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • USCG, Factory Mutual, and Bureau Veritas Approved

Selecting Your System:

  • Determine the volume of your engine compartment in cubic feet or cubic meters, L x W x H. Do NOT deduct for engines, fixed tanks, or other equipment. (See "Engine Room Volume Worksheet" link)
  • Choose the model which most closely exceeds the total cubic foot volume of engine room. Example: MA2-950-227 = automatic discharge with optional manual discharge, 950 cubic feet coverage.
  • NOTE: When in doubt, always select the larger model size for adequate protection.
  • Determine the length of Manual Release Cable needed to easily reach from the fire extinguisher to the main helm station.
  • WARNING: Diesel-powered craft require installation of an Engine Shutdown System

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