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Scandvik Mixer Bridge Triangular Knob Family

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Scandvik Mixer Kit Bridge Triangular Knob Family
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Product Details

Scandvik’ Triangular Knob Mixer Bridge Shower kit features a white plastic "Euro" style shower handle and 6 ft. of white nylon hose. Mixer is chrome plated brass body with chromed plastic knobs. 3/8" male BSP thread and 1/2" NPT adapter.

Info & Guides

British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads are used commonly in many countries outside the U.S. The most common BSP threaded fittings are tapered with pressure tight joints achieved by the threads. While similar in appearance to National Pipe Taper (NPT) threaded fittings the two styles are not interchangeable.

BSP and NPT threads are not compatible due to the differences in their thread forms, and not just the fact that most diametrical sizes have a different pitch. BSP threads have a 55° included angle and have rounded peaks and valleys (this is a Whitworth thread form); NPT threads have a 60° included angle and have flattened peaks and valleys (this is a Sellers thread form).

Note: BSP fittings are NOT compatible with metric pipe thread.