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Add this Safety Seacock Conversion Adapter after any existing seacocks for the utility of instant emergency bilge pumping and simplified winterization. This Conversion allows the engine's raw water pump to be used as a secondary bilge pump.

To use the seacock conversion as a bilge pump simply close the seacock while the engine is running and remove the quick release plug. Any water above the release plug will be quickly drawn in and pumped overboard. Or add a Groco BSA bilge strainer adapter for bilge locations remote to seacock. The included service adapter makes winterization chore of running antifreeze to flush cooling system simple and easy.

Tech Specs
Part Number Hose I.D.” NPT” Length”

Reviews for Groco SSC Engine Flush Kit

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August 26, 2017

Some sort of flushing system is a must for salt water boats
By KO from Oxanrd, Ca

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So I was about to create my own flush system when a came across these. Simple fact is even a boat as well maintained as mine and used frequently will still get scaling, and it just builds up over time at the dock. Flushing it can greatly reduce the "growth" of the scaling. Sure a lot cheaper than pulling after coolers and heat exchangers!! If nothing else the time it takes to flush will prolong the need the for full de-scaling. We all know what a mechanic costs to start pulling stuff apart, so the cost is relatively insignificant. Not giving it a 5 and almost a 3 because there is no safety or lock on the cap. they do turn on, but there is no catch or seat to keep them from turning out. I didn't leave it to chance to find out this cap was going to loosen, come out and flood the boat in the middle of the ocean, so used a simple Velcro strap till I come up with a better solution, but think you need something to ensure it does not find its way lose.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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July 8, 2014

Makes winterization easy

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I would recommend this for anyone who winterizes the boat themselves. This makes the job so much easier. Close the seacock, pull the plug, insert the adapter, turn on the hose and go. No more fighting to pull off hoses, disconnecting hose clamps etc. I also purchased the pipe thread to hose adapter and spliced it into the middle of my hose so it sits up high instead of down in the lower bilge ontop of the seacock. Makes it much more accessable. It will alsocome in handy when I have to run the engines to clean out my slip once a year.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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