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#8 S/S Self Tappers Flat Head Phillips

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#8 Flat head phillips drive self tapping screws made of stainless steel

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#8 Flat head phillips drive self tapping screws made of stainless steel. Sometimes called sheet metal screws or self tappers, these fasteners are common for home repairs as well as installing hardware on your boat. Flat Head is the most common screw head type, and is used for general fastening when the screw head will be flush with the surface, or when it will be countersunk and the hole will be plugged. Phillips drive allows greater torque to be applied when fastening.

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Self Tapping screws are designed for use in sheet metal but are great for mounting hardware onto laminates, wood, and for many other applications. Self tapping or sheet metal screws have a deep thread that goes all the way up the shank to the head. All of our Self Tappers have an A point.

Reviews for #8 S/S Self Tappers Flat Head Phillips

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May 14, 2019

very soft stainless
By Don from Western NY

This is a soft grade of stainless. The phillips heads stripped out pretty easily. I was installing 2" #8 screws into hardwood (black locust) using a tapered pilot drill first. Got them all in but I had to remove and throw away a few. They stripped all at once and were then completely unusable. I even had to use a vise grip to get one back out. Using the torque limiter on my driver drill helped. (I used ordinary steel drywall screws temporarily with no problems at all.)

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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