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#20 Bronze Wood Screws Flat Head Slotted
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#20 Flat head slotted bronze wood screws made of silicon bronze
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#20 Bronze Wood Screws Flat Head Slotted Customer Questions and Answers

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Can you get 5" #20 Silicon Bronze wood screws? I only need 18 for a wood boat project.

Asked on 03/22/2016 by Doug Ryan

Top Answer

#20x5" is no longer available

Answered on 03/23/2016 by Rick White
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Sorry, but I don't have any leftover bronze screws. LG

Answered on 03/22/2016 by LION GARDINER
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What drill size is recommended for the shank of: #20 x 2 inch flathead slotted silicon bronze wood screws? 5/16 or 19/64? Or?? Also root size for threaded portion too!! Douglass fir planks on white oak frames, 1959 vintage cruiser! Thankyou!

Asked on 08/11/2018 by Kevin from Stanwood wa. USA

Top Answer

For a #20 wood screw we recommend a Taper Point Drill bit our part # FUL-20100328 the shank on a #20 is 5/16.

Answered on 08/14/2018 by JD Tech Team
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