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S/S Fender Washers
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Reviews for S/S Fender Washers

4 of 4 Reviews

April 17, 2013

Great Service and Fast shipping
By Mako757 from Bronx , NY

I had to repair a conference room table. The microphones installed on the table was done incorrectly and with time the mic fell through the hole. The mics diameter is 1" so i had to open up the washer and them paint it black, it looks great! thanks

January 27, 2011

Fender washers for Guachas game
By El petanquero from El Paso

Are you familiar with the game of guachas? It is something like horseshoes, with 2 1/2" fender washers to be tossed to embedded 3" PVC cups as the target. It is a Mexican-American game, played mainly along the border with Mexico. The term "guachas" is a Mexicanization of "washers." Look it up on the net. And best regards.

January 23, 2010

worked great for odd shaped rivet holes
By bearnick from south carolina

I used the washers to cover odd shaped holes in a boat where rivets had been removed. It's a rebuild and a slow process. The fender washers worked great with short carrage head bolts and lock nuts. It's a permanent fix !!!!

May 12, 2015

10-24 nuts, bolts, washers
By Larry_G from Olney, MD

Verified Purchase

This small order of nuts and bolts was split by the computer into two orders with two shipping charges. Bummed me out as it almost doubled the cost. My own fault as I was watching a playoff hockey game at the time and not paying close attention. Had I noticed I would not have placed the order.

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