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316 S/S Lock Washers
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316 S/S Lock Washers Customer Questions and Answers

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how do you measure washers, Inside Diameter or Outside Diameter? Thanks

Asked on 01/24/2012 by Undisclosed

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Inside diameter for size of the bolt you are using & outside diameter for the size of the material hole that you are covering.

Answered on 01/30/2012 by RUSSELL NAKAMURA
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All washers are typically sized by ID. Some specials also include size info on the OD where they're used as spacers tosit in a machined recess.Thickness can als be a quoted "size' its intended use is as a spacer. Hope that helps.

Answered on 01/25/2012 by JAMES MCGOVERN


The Internal Diameter (ID) is the most important but both matter. When you don't see two measurements on a product listing (regardless where it's sold), assume it's referring to the ID. The Outer Diameter (OD) usually matters when you want to distribute more tension on slightly larger washers, such as flat ones. Whether a lock, flat, or some other washer type, consider the OD when you want to ensure it won't be too large to fit in a space (which may only be relevant when working with small products with limited space around each screw or so).

Answered on 01/25/2012 by GEORGE MORGAN, II


Washers are measured by their nominal inside diameter. Outside diameter may vary slightly, depending on manufacturer, but will always be large enough to provide a bearing surface for the head of the correspondingly sized bolt. To a lesser extent, inside diameter may also vary slightly, but will always be large enough to accomodate the diameter of a bolt of the stipulated size. Especially with hot-dipped galvanized washers, you may find that the center hole is oversized enough to allow going down a size (ie using a 1/4" washer on a 5/16" bolt). To get a larger-than-normal external diameter and thus larger bearing surface, which is particularly useful for softer materials and oversized holes, you will need to get a "fender washer." You will also find that there is some variation among manufactureres in the external diameter of fender washers of a given nominal (internal diameter) size, but the external diameter of a "fender washer" is often stated in addition to its nominal size.

Answered on 01/25/2012 by J D WURST
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