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3M 5200 Fast Cure Marine Sealant
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Reviews for 3M 5200 Fast Cure Marine Sealant

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October 29, 2020

3M 5200 Small tube
By Chuck from Lawson, MO

Verified Purchase

I got this because I had a really small job to take care of and I like how you can use just a little bit. I still got it all over myself as per normal. I didn't use all of it and put the lid back on. I expect I will be able to use again which is pretty different from the large caulking style tube. Seems like once that is punctured and open, better use it all, first time

May 21, 2015

I have use this product and it holds up great!
By Boats from mn

Verified Purchase

Use on wooden boats

March 16, 2015

works great and cures fast.
By terry from decatur,ms

Verified Purchase

Iused to seal small hole in block of truck.

March 25, 2014

Perfect for mounting and sealing
By Old Pete from Hyde park NY

Verified Purchase

Just used this product to permanently install drain tubes on my center console, excellent.

May 1, 2012

Excellent Product
By Waterdog from Valdez, AK

This is a must have if you own a boat.

August 28, 2019

I would definitely buy this product again.
By Chuck from Lawson, MO

Verified Purchase

I like 3M 5200 anyway but this little tube is so handy compared to the big cartridge that you use in a caulk gun. My experience with the big tube is that you can't just use a little without wasting the rest of it. This little squeeze tube can replace the lid and get it back open and use a little more again later

June 10, 2010

Would use again
By Uncle Styke from Elbow Lake, MN

I used this product to repair cracks, seams, and small depressions in a concrete fountain pool before repainting with epoxy paint. It spread beautifully and provided more than adequate tooling time with a standard putty knife. The product did not run or sag on vertical walls. It remained slightly tacky for several days and didn't fully cure for an entire week, but that may have been due to using it on concrete, which wasn't listed as one of its uses. I would recommend tooling as smoothly as possible since the product is not easily sanded, even with a power sander. Overall, I was very pleased with this product. Its bonding strength is phenomenal, yet it remains flexible enough to withstand joint movement.

August 22, 2011

M 5200 OK but not with rubber liners
By Ron from TN

I attempted to fasten heavy rubber liners in a pond that are damp if not wet. This product WILL NOT stick to anything wet or damp.

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