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Foam Roller Covers
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Reviews for Foam Roller Covers

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January 8, 2021

By Marker 28 from Athens, Ga

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Get a few extra.

August 8, 2020

Good product and definitely would use again
By James from Tuscaloosa

Verified Purchase

Used this to apply top coat primer and it worked excellent

August 10, 2016

Used 26 of These on two stand up paddleboards
By Jim the Watercraft Builder from Texas Gulf Coast

I am building two stand up paddleboards for Christmas presents. I wasn't happy with the reviews for the epoxy short nap rollers expressly sold for epoxy work. I used chip brushes and plastic spreaders rather than buy any rollers which would deteriorate during use. I have found that there are wasted periods of time waiting for epoxy to set before sanding and again for painting. This caused me to begin working on the second board while waiting through these wait times on the first board. I even decided to lay out the fiberglass for the deck of the 14' board while waiting. Inadvertently, I picked up one of these rollers and began rolling on the epoxy. I was able to finish the entire 14' deck without any degradation of the roller other than all rollers tendency to swell a bit with epoxy. It was only after completing the fiberglass job I realized I had used a roller intended only for high gloss paints. I highly recommend these rollers.

March 16, 2010

exactly what I needed
By morla2nd from Central PA

I used this to apply epoxy to my wooden kayak, worked great.

August 24, 2009

Excellent smooth finish roller
By Designer Builder from Saint Helena Island , SC

Great to apply thin coats of Urethane or alkyloid paint. Also for Epoxy Resin Gel Coating in multiple thin layers. Leaves no lint. Only Con is that the core is made of cardboard so these covers cannot be cleaned and reused as the cores fall apart.

August 23, 2009

Excellent rollers for smooth application
By Bitten By the Boat Building Bug from Saint Helena Island, South Carolina

Use these rollers to apply Gelcoat , Epoxy Gelcoat, Urethane Or Alkyloid Paints . 1) Apply to just as much area as the roller will "cover" with just a little bit of pressure. 2) Immediately go back over the same area in a prepindicular pattern to the first direction. 3) Immediately "Tip" the rolled area with a wide foam tipping brush. Use a three step pattern with diagonal first, then horizontal , then vertical. Use the tip of the foam brush and very little pressure with your strokes. Brush towards the previously covered area to eliminate "Lap Marks". As the tipping brush gets wet to where it drips when tipping, throw it aside and use a fresh one. Work in the correct Temperature / Surface Temperature / Humidity and at least 6 degrees higher than the dew point, and work FAST, Methodical and Neat and you will get professional results,,, at least as professional as your surface preparation was accomplished.

October 24, 2017

fast and effective way to apply coatings
By Gus from Ohio

Verified Purchase

I used these foam rollers to apply penetrating epoxy, epoxy barrier coats, bottom paints and Total Boat Gleam 2.o varnish. Coating went on in no time and in every case they resulted in uniform coverage. Also highly recommend cutting the roller to 'tip' the wet coating. One thing... I noticed my latest batch of rollers (Sept/Oct 2017) had some uneven seams and did not last as long as the roller covers purchased earlier in the year. Hope this is just a one-off and not indicative of of a lower quality product.

September 21, 2016

good but fail too quickly
By ks from pennsylvania

Useful in applying a smooth finish,especially after rolling and then tipping. However, solvents in single part Brightside may cause foam to come unglued after 10 to 15 Sq ft. of painting. This is poor compatability.But I have found no better product

April 2, 2013

"I would buy this product again and agai
By Bob from Caldwell, TX

I have used better covers 10 years ago, but these were good for about 30 minutes using epoxy, I had to force myself to say stop & change the roller at the first signs of foam separtion.

May 5, 2010

Almost Perfect Roller Cover
By lesterg from washington dc

This is a Great roller cover. I use it for 2-part urethanes. With the paint properly thinned, you can apply a "Very Thin" final coat without "tipping-out" with a brush. The finish is like a fine "spray" with no stipple, no runs; mirror perfect(it takes a lot of practice). The paint must be applied extremely quickly and as "thin" a coating as possible. I wish that these great rollers were offered in a "higher density" foam or thinner nap. They would then be perfect! Recently painted a Porsche!

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