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On-Off Hull and Bottom Cleaner
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Reviews for On-Off Hull and Bottom Cleaner

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September 30, 2019

Great Product for Fiberglass Hulls
By Bruce from Connecticut

Verified Purchase

Spray it on and wash off the grime and film.

July 10, 2019

By BillL from New Mexico

Verified Purchase

Used this to clean up a 10-year old mess of pine sap, mold, moss, mildew, scuff marks, and other grime. Incredible what it can do. Mostly just brush it on and rinse it off. Did use a scrub brush and orbital brush on the really bad stuff and molded-in non-slip. Used a full 1-qt bottle for all gelcoat above the water line on a 22-ft fiberglass sailboat. Ingredients are pretty harsh, pay attention to the personal protective equipment list.

October 28, 2014

The best yet
By bigcat from vallejo california

Make sure you wash this off your boat trailer fast Use gloves and a good face mask when using The onle produt to use for the junk that grows in saltwater on the bottom off your boat For the scum line best stuff is slimey grimry no where near as toxic as on-off

February 23, 2014

a must for all boatowners
By jp from chillicothe,ohio

Verified Purchase

have tried 3 other products befor this. none worked. this product is great

March 14, 2013

Does the job!
By Bird from New jersey

Great product but not to be handled by those who are careless I and many others I have known have used this product with excellent results Makes stains disappear immediately . Very strong ,has an odor but I can deal with it for the results it provides

June 14, 2012

By US Navy Retired from Lake Wallenpaupack,Pa

My boat is a 1984 FourWinns(hull color is beige). It is used on a man-made lake in Pa. Every year when it's time to pull her out of the water for the season the hull is the color of dark roast coffee(blackish-brown). Last year when I stored my boat without the usual in-depth winterizing and cleaning I dreaded the spring clean up. This product saved me a week of hard work. Within seconds the hull was clean where ever the product was applied.ON-Off is one AMAZING product.

September 12, 2011

By Eric Theune from Richmond, va.

I sprayed this stuff on the bottom of my runabout and that dried on green film that just won't come off literally melted away even before I finished spraying. I then took a long handled soft brush and just washed it around and then rinsed and the bottom was clean as new. This may be the best product I have ever used as far as doing what it says it will do. READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS, WEAR GLOVES AND DON'T GET IT ON YOUR SKIN. THIS STUFF IS SERIOUSLY STRONG.

September 2, 2011

majic in a bottle
By lex2003is3 from new york new york

i tried this stuff out cause my marina told me to i keep my boat docked in fresh water it is not bottom painted just has gel coat and i took the boat out and it was a disaster i thought i would never get it clean i tried using 3m rubbing compound to get it off and even with a buffing wheel and the strong compound it wouldn't budge took off a little but noting near what i wanted the whole bottom was done went to the store picked up a bottom what did i have to lose i sprayed it on the boat whole used windex top to spray it with and all of a sudden i seen smoke after the smoke i just seen the ick running down the hull i sprayed the bottom side the whole hull of the boat within minutes the boat looked like it just came out of the show room compounded and waxed it and wow made my boat look like brand new it burns ur hands so wear gloves you are dealing with acid and try not to breath any fumes in the stuff is strong but it is magic so just be amazed when u go to clean

March 24, 2010

excellent hull cleaner!!!!!!
By sharkin jim from cape cod ma.

I moor my boat in saltwater so you can imagine what the hull looks like after the summer.I use to use soft scrub w/bleach took me 2-hrs to do my 21 ft boat,I applied this with a paint brush let it sit for 60 sec...GONE..took 30 do,and no sore muscles.This stuff is great.

March 1, 2010

This product has worked well for me
By Shortline Stout from Kansas

I've used On- Off for many years on my fiberglass/gel coat boat. I'm in staining fresh waters in the Midwest. I wipe my boat down after every use, but staining is still inevitable. I use On-Off to remove this stain once or twice a year. Handle the product with care as directed. I simply sponge it on and rinse immediately. The staining is removed instantly. This must be followed up with a good protective coating, I wax.

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