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Product Details

Ancor Nylon Cable Clamps are ideal for securing light wire bundles, cables, hose, pipe and tubing runs. Nylon construction for maximum strength.

Most sizes available in Natural or UV Black color.

(25) per pack

Info & Guides

ABYC Recommends: "Conductors shall be supported throughout their length or shall be secured at least every 18 inches (455mm) by one of the following methods:"

"By means of non-metallic clamps sized to hold the conductors firmly in place. The material shall be resistant to oil, gasoline, and water and shall not break or crack within a temperature range of -34C (30F) to 121C (250F);"

Technical Information

  • Resistant to solvents, oils, acids and moisture
  • Unique screw hole alignment feature to speed installation
  • Absorbs shock and vibration; reduces unwanted noise