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Perko Round Oarlocks
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Round Oarlocks - Perko
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Perko Round Oarlocks Customer Questions and Answers

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Do these fasten to the oars so my 10 year old grandaughter doesn,t drop the oarlocks into the lake?

Asked on 05/30/2012 by David Roth

Top Answer

If you use oar leathers for chafe and most importantly install the oar buttons (which are stoppers) then you do not need to tie them into the boat as the oar locks get captured on the oars and as long as you do not lose the oars yoyu are good. However, if you do not use the oar buttons, I would suggest tying them into the boat. I do the former, as I have two rowing stations and move the oar locks all of the time. If you are in one rowing station than it is a toss up.

Answered on 05/30/2012 by MICHAEL ZANI
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You put the oarlocks on the oar then you put rubber boots on the oar. The boots keep the oarlocks from falling off the handle end of the oar .I prefer the boots that look like a 6 inch rubber tube with a rubber ring on one end. The rubber ring is about 1/4 in thick and a contiguous part of the boot. Or you can use leather if the oar is wood. Wrap a 6 in wide piece of leather around the oar one time where you want the oarlock to stop. The edges of the leather should butt. Tack in place with stainless steel or brass nails.Nail heads should be about 1/.8 in dia. Then on the handle end of the leather wrap more leather about 1/4 in wide nailing as you go. Continue to wrap one rotation on top of the other until this wrapping is bigger then the hole of the oarlock, One more wrap for good measure. If you use leather that has been soaked in water it will shrink when dry giving you a tight fit.Finish after drying with a protective coating. Skip

Answered on 05/30/2012 by EARL RILEY


Yes if you put a pin in the bottom to keep them in place. I use a chain fish stringer for mine.

Answered on 05/30/2012 by Orville Williamson


Yes they must be installed on the oars before the "leathers" or lock stops are installed on the oars. Otherwise, these oarlocks slide freely up the oar and off at the handle. The outside diameter of the "leather" is larger than the inside diameter of the oarlock. Once installed, the oarlock slides freely between the throat of the oar (at blade end) and the "leather" where the oar pivots when rowing.

Answered on 06/05/2012 by JAMES MOORE


No they do not fasten to the oars...........they will absolutely fall into the lake UNLESS you put the rubber doughnut on the oars after you put the oarlock on. This item, though is sometimes harder and harder to find, is an ABSOLUTE must if you don't want to lose your oarlocks.

Answered on 05/31/2012 by JOHN WALKER


No, they don't attach to the oars. However there is a hole at the bottom of the pin that allows them to be retained in the oarlock holder using a ring similar to one on a key chain.

Answered on 05/30/2012 by TED REECE
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