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Sterling Lacquer Thinner is a full-strength, clean air solvent used to thin lacquers for all types of applications. Cleans, conditions, and prepares the surface. Use lacquer thinner to clean painting tools, brushes, sprayers, rollers and applicators.

Info & Guides
When selecting a thinner for use with your paint or varnish project, be aware that different lacquer thinners have different proportions of acetone. Brands like Recochem make lacquer thinners that are less flammable as they feature toluene instead of acetone as the primary active ingredient. This thinner is used mostly to thin lacquer based paints. Use the minimum amount of thinner by gradually adding to the lacquer.

You know you've added enough when the paint flows freely. If too much thinner is added, the paint will run and drip and otherwise ruin your chances for the desired smooth, high gloss finish lacquer is known for. Other uses for the lacquer thinner include cleaning and flushing paint spraying equipment. Great also for cleaning painting tools like brushes, sprayers, rollers, and applicators.