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Dock Hardware Galvanized Connector Pin Set

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Dock Hardware Galvanized Connector Pin Set
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Product Details

The Tie Down Engineering Galvanized Connector Pin Set is used to connect Male and Female T Connectors. The Quick disconnect Connector Pin Set consists of a Galvanized 3/4" Connector Pin and Hitch Clip Pin.

Use with the Galvanized Male and Female T-Connectors (Item Nos. TIE-26532 or TIE-26408; TIE-26528 or TIE-26407) to attach hinged dock fingers and ramps.

Use with the Galvanized Outside Corner Male and Female T-Connectors (Item No. TIE-26522 or TIE-25491; TIE26528 or ITE-26407) to attach hinged dock sections end-to-end.

Info & Guides

Tie Down Dock Hardware is available in both Standard Grade (3/16") and Commercial Grade (1/4") hot-dip galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and long life.

Tie Down Dock Hardware is designed for use with 1-1/2" thick lumber (minimum width 6"). All hardware is mounted with 3/8" Galvanized Carriage Bolts. All Male and Female dock-to-dock hinged connections are made with either 3/4" Galvanized Bolts with lock nuts or 3/4" quick disconnect Galvanized Connector Pins (Item No. TIE-26531).

The Tie Down Dock Hardware Building Plans will provide you with several designs for building a lightweight and long lasting floating dock system.

(See the "Links" tab above for a pdf copy of the Dock Hardware Building Plans.)