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Durepox Base Primer
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durepox bottom paint, 2 part urethane primer paint
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Durepox Base Primer Customer Questions and Answers

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i have micron extra(international paint antifoul) on my boat currently. if i sand it good with 80 grit and then coat with durepox, can i then put on a different type of antifouling (resene af 4000)?

Asked on 06/20/2020 by doug from fiji islands

Top Answer

You will have to totally remove the Micron Extra before applying Durepox.

Answered on 06/24/2020 by Paul
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Does this paint. Come with the catalyst? Is it compatible with Blue Water bottom shield 70? Is the finish satin?

Asked on 07/27/2018 by Derek Fraychineaud from Thousand Oaks, Ca

Top Answer

All components are sold separately, and it does not come with the hardener component. This product is not compatible on other bottom paints. The only substrates are previously applied Durepox, Carbon, FRP, or wood. Satin finish can be achieved by adding their flattening agent, generally it is gloss.

Answered on 07/30/2018 by JD Tech Associte
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