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Product Details

Interlux 433 Brush Ease Thinner is a slow drying solvent to ease brushing and rolling and to improve flow. Interlux Brush-Ease 433 should only be used in products where it is specified in the directions, mostly antifouling paints, it is not an all purpose solvent.

Info & Guides

Method Add Interlux 433 Brush Ease Thinner in small increments, in accordance with individual product directions.

Compatibility/Substrates Compatible with specified antifouling paints including Micron CSC, Micron Extra and Trilux.

Technical Information

  • Color: Y433-Clear
  • Specific Gravity: 0.874
  • Volume Solids: 0%
  • Typical Shelf Life: 3 yrs
  • VOC (As Supplied): 874 g/lt
  • Unit Size: 1 US Quart


TRANSPORTATION: Interlux Brush-Ease 433 should be kept in securely closed containers during transport and storage.

STORAGE: Exposure to air and extremes of temperature should be avoided. For the full shelf life of Brush-Ease 433 to be realised ensure that between use the container is firmly closed and the temperature is between 5 C/40 F and 35 C/95 F. Keep out of direct sunlight.

DISPOSAL: Container Disposal: Triple Rinse (or equivalent). Then offer for recycling or reconditioning, or puncture and dispose of in a sanitary landfill or by other procedures approved by state or local authorities.

WARNING: Cancer -