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Preval Spray Gun Power Units Only
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Preval Sprayer, Preval spray gun
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Preval Spray Gun Power Units Only Customer Questions and Answers

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Hi- could this be used to paint a car hood? Of course, I would need to purchase several refills. Thanks Vince

Asked on 06/29/2011 by Undisclosed

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Anything is theoretically possible, but this is not intended for this use. I'm not an expert, but I don't think you would ever be able to keep a wet edge on an area that large. WA

Answered on 06/29/2011 by WILLIAM ASHTON
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I think it could possibly be used but it wouldn't be the easiest thing to do because of the fan size that comes out of this unit. I probably wouldn't use it to paint a whole hood but maybe for touch up work. It can't hurt to try on a test piece and see what your results are.

Answered on 06/30/2011 by ROGER SMITH


If you are expecting a really professional job then probably not, mostly due to the spray pattern which is circular. They move plenty of paint through the nozzle and last for a surprisingly long time.

Answered on 06/29/2011 by MICHAEL REED
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