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Product Details

Festool CT Vacuum Longlife Reusable Filter Bags trap larger chips and particles before they reach the main filter, extending the life of both the mainfilter and the dust extractor.

An integrated cap forms a tight seal during bag removal and disposal, keeping the dust contained and off the floor.

CT Vacuum Longlife Reusable Filter Bags are available for the models CT SYS, CT MINI, CT MIDI, , CT MINI 1, CT MIDI 1, CT 22, CT 33, CT 26, CT 36 and CT 48 dust extractors.

Tech Specs
Item Number For Festool Vacuum Model Quantity
FES-500642 CT SYS 1
FES-499703 CT MINI 1
FES-499704 CT MIDI 1
FES-204309 CT MINI/MIDI 1 (Model Year 2019+) 1
FES-456737 CT 22 1
FES-456738 CT 33 1
FES-496120 CT 26 1
FES-496121 CT 36 1
FES-498506 CT 48 1
Info & Guides
The Long-life Reusable Filter Bag works like a normal filter bag. Its advantage is that it can be opened, emptied and reused. Made of 3-layer polyester fleece with a nylon inlay, replaceable nylon flange and dust cap to seal the bag before emptying.

Suggested Usage:
For use with coarse dirt and big chips that fill up the bag fast but don't cause a mess when emptied into a trash can. Can be used with all tools that produce large chips (mainly routers and planers).

Not for use with hazardous or fine dust! Opening and emptying the bag might spread fine dust where you don't want to have it! Not for use with liquids.