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Festool Sanding Pads and Accessories for LS 130 EQ Linear Sander

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Festool Sanding Pads and Accessories for LS 130 EQ Linear Sander

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Product Details

Festool Sanding Pads and Accessories for the LS 130 EQ Linear Sander allow you to sand a wide variety of molded profiles. The sanding pads feature FastFix mounts that provide easy, tool-free changing to increase your productivity. Pre-formed pads offer common profiles, while the do-it-yourself kit offers unlimited matchability. These high quality pads are long-lasting with StickFix hook and loop abrasive mounting for rapid, no hassle abrasive changes.

Tech Specs
Item NumberDescriptionComments
FES-490161Flat Sanding PadReplacement pad for sanding flat surfaces.
FES-49016290 degree PadFor sanding inside corners.
FES-490163Radius 6 PadFor sanding outside edges.
FES-491197Radius 10 PadFor sanding outside edges.
FES-490164Radius 18 Concave PadFor sanding curves.
FES-490165Radius 25 Concave PadFor sanding curves.
FES-490166Radius 10 Convex PadFor sanding V-grooves with inside radius of 25/64" (10 mm)
FES-490167Radius 25 Convex PadFor sanding inside radius of 1" (25 mm)
FES-49119888 degree PadFor sanding inside corners with a radius of 25/64" (10 mm)
FES-491861Flat Sanding Pad LongExtra reach for tight spaces/dimensions: 3-9/64 x 7-43/64" (80 x 195 mm)
FES-491862Flat Sanding Pad WideProvides greater surface area/dimensions: 6-59/64" x 5-7/64"
FES-490780Do-It-Yourself KitFor creating your own sanding pad to match custom profiles.
FES-490160Interface PadFoam pad for profiles and contours.
FES-491199ScraperFor stripping carpet, wallpaper, etc.