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Product Details

Festool Sanding Pads and other accessories for the Festool Deltex DX 93 E Sander and the Delta pads on Rotex RO 90 FEQ. The Deltex is a handy sander for difficult and hard-to-reach spots, providing perfect sanding results in even the tightest of corners.

Tech Specs
Item NumberDescriptionFits
FES-488716StickFix sanding pad-hard (snap stud)DX 93, Rotex RO 90
FES-488715StickFix sanding pad-soft (snap stud)DX 93, Rotex RO 90
FES-488036Flat extended-length sanding padDX 93
FES-488717Base plate (snap)DX 93
FES-488899Base plate and pad (488717 and 488715)DX 93
FES-496802Triangular sanding padRO 90
FES-496803Thin triangular sanding padRO 90
FES-497483Extended Delta Sanding Pad ElementRO 90