Festool Plug-It Power Cord

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Festool Plug-It Power Cord

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Product Details

Festool Plug-It replacement Detachable Power Cords are available in two types. Both are 13 feet in length.

FES-203923: (green) for Lighter Duty Tools, Not for most Routers and Saws

FES-490656: (black) for Heavier Duty Tools, most Routers and Saws

Tech Specs
Item NumberFits Festool ModelTool type
FES-203923DF500, DTS400, ETS125, ETS150, LS130, PS300, PSB300, RO125, RO150Sanders, Jigsaw, Domino
FES-490656OF1010, OF1400, TS55, TS75Routers, Saws