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Festool Non-AntiStatic Suction Hose for CT Dust Extractors

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Festool Vacuum Non-AntiStatic Suction Hose for CT Dust Extractors
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Product Details

Festool Non-Anti-Static Suction Hoses for CT Dust Extractors are available in a variety of diameters and lengths. The Non-Anti-Static Hoses feature a rotating connector and reducing sleeve. Non-Anti-static hose and vacuum accessories do not prevent the buildup of an electrostatic charge.

Tech Specs
Item NumberSize Diameter x Length (mm x m)CT MINICT MIDICT 22CT 33
FES-452877 1-1/16" x 11.5' (27 mm x 3.5 m)YesYesYesYes
FES-452879 1-1/16" x 16.5' (27 mm x 5 m)YesYesYesYes
FES-452881 1-7/16" x 11.5' (36 mm x 3.5 m)--YesYes
FES-452883 1-7/16" x 16.5' (36 mm x 5 m)--YesYes
FES-452885 1-7/16" x 23' (36 mm x 7 m)--YesYes
FES-452887 1-15/16" x 8.25' (50 mm x 2.5 m)--YesYes
FES-452889 1-15/16" x 13' (50 mm x 4 m)--YesYes
Item Number CT 26 CT 36
FES-452877 Yes Yes
FES-452879 Yes Yes
FES-452881 Yes Yes
FES-452883 Yes Yes
FES-452885 Yes Yes
FES-452887 Yes Yes
FES-452889 Yes Yes