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Sea-Dog Bow Rollers are constructed of durable, stamped 304 stainless steel with an unpolished finish, and are available in the following models: Short (6-1/4" L), Medium Fairlead (9" L), Long (11" L), Seahook Style (15-1/2" L), and Medium Anchor (19-1/4" L). Attach all bow roller models using 3/8 inch bolts (sold separately).

In addition, replacement bow roller wheels are available in two sizes: the 1-3/4" W model (SDG-3280591) fits all bow roller models except the Medium Anchor Bow Roller (SDG-328064); the 2-15/16" W model (SDG-3280691) is a replacement ONLY for the Medium Anchor Bow Roller (SDG-328064).

Tech Specs
Model Description Dimensions Rope Diameter Fastener Size
SDG-328052 Bow roller - short; unpolished finish1-3/4'' W x 6-1/4'' L1'' maximum3/8'' bolt (sold separately)
SDG-328057 Medium fairlead bow roller1-3/4'' W x 9'' L1'' maximum3/8'' bolt (sold separately)
SDG-328053 Bow roller - long; unpolished finish1-3/4'' W x 11'' L1'' maximum3/8'' bolt (sold separately)
SDG-328054 Bow roller - seahook style; unpolished finish; fits SeaHook® Anchors 317005-318033 and most welded steel Danforth® type anchors1-3/4'' W x 15-1/2'' L1'' maximum3/8'' bolt (sold separately)
SDG-328064 Medium anchor bow roller2-5/16'' W x 19-1/4'' L1-1/2'''' maximum3/8'' bolt (sold separately)
SDG-3280591 Replacement bow roller wheel for all of the bow rollers above except the Medium Anchor Bow Roller (SDG-328064)1-3/4'' W x 2-1/2'' diameter; inner hole diameter is 7/16''1'' maximum --
SDG-3280691 Replacement bow roller wheel for the Medium Anchor Bow Roller (SDG-328064) Only2-15/16'' W x 2-3/4'' diameter; inner hole diameter is 5/8''1-1/2'''' maximum --
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Technical Information

  • Bow Roller Material: Corrosion-resistant, stamped 304 stainless steel
  • Wheel Material: Natural rubber with brass insert