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Product Details

Awlgrip Hullgard Extra Epoxy Primer is a 2-part primer/converter system for use above and below the waterline providing temporary protection prior to subsequent fairing with Awlfair fairing system compounds. This anti-corrosive primer adheres completely to properly prepared fiberglass, wood, aluminum and steel substrates, and is recoatable after six months without sanding.

Hullgard Extra Epoxy Primer (D1620): 1 Gallon; White only. Converter (D3730): 1 Quart. T0006 Primer Reducer is sold separately (see Related Items).


Tech Specs
Product Number AWL-D6120G AWL-D3730Q
Description Primer; WhiteConverter
Container Size GallonQuart
Coverage 184 ft 2 per gallon @ 4 mils (100 microns) DFT -
VOC 4.0 lbs/gal3.1 lbs/gal
Info & Guides

Surface Preparation: Aluminum - Abrade with 36 grit disc; Steel - Grit blast steel in accordance with SSPC-SP10 to a 2-3 mil (50-75 micron) profile (in US), or power grind with a 24-36 grit disc to achieve profile; Fiberglass - Degrease, then abrade with 180 grit paper; Wood - Clean then sand smooth using 80-180 grit paper.

Mixing and Reduction: Thoroughly mix the base. Shakers or power mixers are preferred, although thorough hand mixing is acceptable. Add converter; mix thoroughly. Mix ratio by volume is 10:1.5 (10 parts primer to 1.5 parts converter). Reduction is not normally required, but at lower temperatures small amounts (5%) of T0006 may be added. Do not reduce more than 15%. Allow to induct for 10 minutes.

Application Instructions: Apply by airless spray, air atomized spray, brush or roller. Apply 9 mils (225 microns) WFT yielding 4 mils (100 microns) DFT per coat. Multiple coats may be required when using brush or roller.

Note: Only apply Hullgard Extra by roller if applying over Max Cor CF due to risk of snagging roller fibers.

Warning: Do not apply paint materials to surfaces less than 5°F (3°C) above dew point, or to surfaces warmer than 105°F (41°C).

Technical Information


  • Location: For use above and below the waterline
  • Application Methods: Airless spray, air atomized spray, brush, or roller; airless spray is the most efficient application method
  • Mix Ratio by Volume: 10 parts D1620 Primer to 1.5 parts D3730 Converter
  • Induction Time: 10 minutes
  • Reducer: T0006 Standard Epoxy Reducer (sold separately, see Related Items); do not reduce more than 15%
  • Equipment Cleaner: T0006, T0002 Fast Evaporating Spray Reducer and Equipment Cleaner (see Related Items), or MEK
  • Recommended Number of Coats: 1 - 2 by spray; more coats may be required for brushing/rolling
  • Recoatability @ 77° w/Itself or Primers: 2 hours minimum; 6 months maximum (without sanding; in shed)
  • Recoatability @ 77° w/Fillers: 16 hours minimum; 6 months maximum (without sanding; in shed)
  • Drying Time (Full Cure): 10 hours