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Product Details

New Style Classic Tilt Helm Pumps from Teleflex SeaStar Solutions are replacement hydraulic tilt helm pumps that fit most dashes. They feature tilt articulation of 48 degrees with five positive lock positions, and now offer improved styling and a redesigned tilt mechanism for enhanced performance. In addition, the holes line up with existing holes, and adjustable O-ring fittings make installation easier, with no remote fill required.

Maintenance-free New Style Classic Tilt Head Pumps are available in two models: 1.7 cu. in. and 2.4 cu. in. displacements. These new-style pumps replace the previous classic style tilt helm pumps HH6541 and HH6542.

Tech Specs
Part Number TEL-HH65413 TEL-HH65423
Description Classic Tilt 1.7 in 3 Classic Tilt 2.4 in 3
Superceded (Old) Part Number) HH6541 (replaced HH5741 Traditional Tilt) HH-6542 (replaced HH5742 Traditional Tilt)
Mount Type Tilt Tilt
Displacement (Cu. In./Revolution) 1.7 2.4
Relief Valve Setting 1000 PSI 1000 PSI
Maximum Steering Wheel Diameter 20'' 20''
Includes Hydraulic Helm & Tilt Mechanism w/Cover Yes; hard plastic cover Yes; hard plastic cover
Includes Elbow Fittings Yes Yes
Info & Guides

CAUTION: The new tilt head pumps, having part numbers ending in -3, are fitted with positionable O-ring type hose fitting ports (commonly known as ORB). Do not attempt to install an NPT pipe fitting into a -3 helm hose fitting port. Doing so will cause irreparable damage to the helm. ONLY use SeaStar Solutions O-ring type hose fittings (ORB). In addition, do not use Teflon® tape or liquid pipe sealant with ORB fittings.

SeaStar Solutions®, formerly Teleflex Marine, is the leading manufacturer and distributor of marine engine and drive components, control systems, and other products for the OEM and aftermarket marine industry. The new name is a promise to deliver exceptional marine products, innovations, and services so that everyone has the best boating experience possible.

Technical Information


  • Smooth operation, with minimal excess free play ensured by the pre-loaded, dual-taper bearing type tilt mechanism
  • Tilt articulation of 48° and 5 positive lock positions allow greater wheel adjustment
  • Compact, updated design requires no maintenance and fits most formed and styled dashes
  • Standard 3/4'' tapered shaft seals to eliminate water penetration
  • New square hard plastic covers for improved styling
  • Can be used with existing hoses and cylinder in good working condition
  • Adjustable O-ring fittings make installation and positioning easier because they can be oriented in any direction to accommodate tube routing
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