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Product Details

Taylor Made Sur-Moor T3C hard skin mooring buoys have a seamless and tough, one-piece polyethylene shell. Hard skin shells feature ultraviolet light absorbers for long-term life under the sun.

Sur Moor buoys are filled with EPS foam to positively displace water. The blue stripe is reflective for nighttime visibility. The flanged collar is made from rigid PVC tubing.

The anchor shackle is not included with this product. It may be purchased at a hardware or marine supply store. For the best performance, add the TC3 Mooring Collar to prevent the hardware from penetrating into the mooring ball under stress. Please see technical specifications for details and a link to the complementary product.

Tech Specs
Item No.Buoy DiameterTube DiameterT3C Mooring CollarApprox. Buoyancy
TAY-4637012 inches2 inches TAY-33020 -- 2 inch30 lbs.
TAY-4637115 inches2 inches TAY-33020 -- 2 inch60 lbs.
TAY-4637218 inches2-1/2 inchesTAY-33025 -- 2-1/2 inch100 lbs.
TAY-4637424 inches2-1/2 inchesTAY-33025 -- 2-1/2 inch240 lbs.
TAY-4637530 inches3 inchesTAY-33028 -- 3 inch460 lbs.
Info & Guides

For maximum performance add the T3C Mooring Collar to best utilize the tube-through-the-center design of the T3C Buoy. The T3C Mooring Collar is a hot-dip galvanized steel collar that protects your T3C buoy from anchor chain wear, prolonging the life of the buoy.

  • Designed to work in combination with standard shackles.
  • Mooring collars are sized to slip into the top of 2" or 2-1/2" tube diameters.
  • The sole purpose of the mooring buoy is to support the mooring chain. The two preferred designs for mooring buoys are a traditional buoy with hardware or a buoy with a tube through the center. Both offer reliable flotation and will last for several seasons, depending upon the salinity of the water. Obviously, freshwater applications will extend the useful life of any mooring system.

    A permanent mooring system, when properly designed, should securely position a boat so that it can be left unattended, with little attention, for long periods of time. Each system usually consists of a mooring buoy (to float the chain), a mooring anchor and a length of chain (running between the anchor and the mooring buoy). Also the proper ground tackle includes correct sized galvanized shackles and swivels.

    Always keep in mind, that the mooring system is only as reliable as the current conditions of the environment. All Taylor Made Sur-Moor Buoys are built to withstand the constant abuse of most mooring environments.

    Reviews for Taylor Made Sur-Moor T3C Mooring Buoys

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    August 6, 2018

    Terrific value
    By Lake lover from Southern Virginia

    Verified Purchase

    Over the years, we have lost several buoys due to rough waters and week metal. This one seems very sturdy and is a little different than those we have had in the past. Hoping it will last.

    Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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    November 7, 2017

    Good product, but
    By peter from door county, WI

    Verified Purchase

    You need to buy the chafe collars that are required for a proper installation, they are not included with the buoy.

    Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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    June 6, 2014

    Excellent Quality Buoy
    By Edward Teach from Chesapeake Bay

    If you know how to construct a mooring then you should know what hardware is needed. I prefer the tube-thru-center buoys so that I can attach my pendant to the top of the buoy, rather than the bottom. As you should for non-T3C buoys. These are so strong that the ice carried away my last one along with a 100 pound mushroom anchor attached! Reminder, use a winter stick in the winter!

    Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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    May 20, 2013

    Without Hrdwr it's a large paper weight
    By Will from Deep Creek Lake, MD

    I ordered this buoy to replace one whose hardware had rusted away. The ad/specifications were confusing as to whether or what hardware was included: "includes a ring for retrieval...", "only hardware included is a chain...". "no hardware is included...". It seemed inconceivable to me that there would be nothing on it, especially since there was no info telling how to order the necessary hardware separately. If I was going to purchase hardware from a marine supply store I might as well have picked up the whole thing there!

    Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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