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Product Details

TotalBoat Nylon Insulated AWG Butt Connectors feature tinned copper terminals to ensure the best electrical connections and corrosion resistance. These single crimp butt connectors have a seamless construction that resists splitting. The barrels grip the wire with ease.

Available in various gauges and corresponding colors, in packs of (7) or (25): 22-18 Red, 16-14 Blue, 12-10 Yellow.

Tech Specs
Item Number Gauge Color Quantity
TB-B2218N-722-18 AWGRed7/pk
TB-B2218N-2522-18 AWGRed25/pk
TB-B1614N-716-14 AWGBlue7/pk
TB-B1614N-2516-14 AWGBlue25/pk
TB-B1210N-2512-10 AWGYellow25/pk