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Product Details

TotalBoat Marine Grade Battery Cable Lugs are constructed from heavy duty annealed tinned copper, making them ideal for the marine environment. Tinned copper provides a high resistance to corrosion while maximizing conductivity and current flow.

The closed end design of these cable lugs seals out moisture to keep cables dry and corrosion-free. Seamless barrel allows for maximum strength crimps.

Available in gauges ranging from 8 - 2/O AWG with various screw diameters. Most sizes are sold 2 per pack.

Tech Specs
Part Number Gauge Screw Size Quantity
TB-CLT8-10-28 AWG#102/pk
TB-CLT8-14-28 AWG1/4 inch2/pk
TB-CLT8-56-28 AWG5/16 inch2/pk
TB-CLT8-38-28 AWG3/8 inch2/pk
TB-CLT8-12-108 AWG1/2 inch10/pk
TB-CLT6-10-26 AWG#102/pk
TB-CLT6-14-26 AWG1/4 inch2/pk
TB-CLT6-56-26 AWG5/16 inch2/pk
TB-CLT6-38-26 AWG3/8 inch2/pk
TB-CLT4-10-24 AWG#102/pk
TB-CLT4-14-24 AWG1/4 inch2/pk
TB-CLT4-56-24 AWG5/16 inch2/pk
TB-CLT4-38-24 AWG3/8 inch2/pk
TB-CLT4-56/38-24 AWG5/16 & 3/8 inch2/pk
TB-CLT2-14-22 AWG1/4 inch2/pk
TB-CLT2-56-22 AWG5/16 inch2/pk
TB-CLT2-38-22 AWG3/8 inch2/pk
TB-CLT1/0-14-21/O AWG1/4 inch2/pk
TB-CLT1/0-56-21/O AWG5/16 inch2/pk
TB-CLT1/0-38-21/O AWG3/8 inch2/pk
TB-CLT2/0-56-22/O AWG5/16 inch2/pk
TB-CLT2/0-38-22/O AWG3/8 inch2/pk
TB-CLT2/0-12-22/O AWG1/2 inch2/pk